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10 Tonne HookLift Trailer

The HL010 hooklift trailer is the smallest hook lift system in our range. This is a handy trailer to access all those sites that are difficult to get into with the bigger trailers. A hook trailer suited to smaller farms, stables, municipal and amenity operations to operate behind smaller tractors in confined areas perfect for those requiring a smaller hook equipment in tighter space simple and economic to run with strong resale values. The most economic hook trailer you can buy with low cost containers matched to your operational requirement. The lightest hook trailer we manufacture for low ground pressure. The design of the hook equipment allows a low angle picking up the container.
Key Features on the HL010 Hook Trailer System  
  • Pure and simple, manoeuvrable Hook trailer, small but perfectly formed.
  • Hook equipment built to the same high quality that you can expect from Stronga.
  • One double acting hydraulic service is used for tipping and container unloading.
  • Suited to smaller horsepower tractors.
  • Fixed hook tower make it really easy to operate.
Key Points to compare before buying a small hook trailer  
  • Hook trailer equipped with tandem sprung suspension for improved ride at speed.
  • Hooklift Hydraulic rear clamp to secure the container to the chassis.
  • In cab operation with Hydraulic changeover between tipping and unloading hooklift containers.
  • Warranty via our local agents support by Stronga.
  • Low angle when loading and unloading hook lift container.
  • Free hook trailer operating induction at Stronga UK for operators, improving safety.
Hook System Specification  
  • 10 tonne hook lift capacity.
  • Accepts CHEM Type 16 (4165 - 4500mm) hooklift containers.
  • Hook container hydraulic locking clamp.
  • In cab operation of controls.
  • Fixed hook lift tower.
  • 50° tipping angle.
  • Tandem axles on the Trailer as standard with sprung multileaf suspension.
  • 8 stud wheels 500/50/17 tyres for light ground footprint.
  • 12 volt lighting with sealed loom wiring system.
Optional Extras Available on this Hook Trailer  
  • Mudguards.
  • Air braking system.
  • Dual air/hydraulic braking system, negative action.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic for powering equipment on the hook lift container.