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12 Tonne HookLift Trailer

Strong, stable but still easily manoeuvrable this hooklift trailer is for the more professional user wanting to handle hook containers up to 4600mm long. Tilt tower as standard reduces the loading angle hook lift containers even with larger diameter wheels. Its versatility and strength make it the perfect choice for users who what hook equipment that is manoeuvrable in confined areas but also want a robust trailer that can work day in day out with demountable containers across a wide range of sectors including Agriculture, Industry, Amenity, Contracting and Construction.
Key Features on the HL120 Hook Trailer System  
  • ALL material handling operations are carried out in cab, loading, tipping and unloading hooklift containers full of cargo.
  • Small in statue by professional hook system with twin lift cylinders.
  • Sprung drawbar can be fitted.
  • Tilt tower as standard.
  • Professional undercarriage suitable for contractor use with modern tractors year round.
Key questions to ask before buying a 12 tonne hook trailer  
  • Is it a compact Hook trailer equipped with strong multileaf tandem sprung suspension for improved ride at speed on road while rugged off road?
  • Does it have a Container Hooklift Hydraulic rear clamp to secure the container onto the chassis?
  • Does it allow full in cab operation with Hydraulic changeover between tipping and unloading hooklift containers ?
  • Does it have a tilt hook tower to ensure low angle when loading and unloading hook lift container?
  • Does the manufacturer have a good reputation for building high quality hook equipment ensuring strong residual values?
  • Can the trailer be specified to accommodate individual customer requirements?
HookLift System Specification  
  • 12 tonne hook lift capacity.
  • Accepts 4165 - 4500mm bins.
  • Tilt folding hooktower.
  • 50° tipping angle.
  • Sprung axles as standard.
  • 385/R65 22.5 super single tyres as standard.
Optional Extras Available on this Hook Trailer  
  • Mudguards.
  • Air braking system.
  • Dual air/hydraulic braking system, negative action.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic for powering equipment on the hook lift container.