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18 Tonne HookLift Trailer

For customers wanting high output heavy cargo transport this hook trailer can work in combination with hooklift trucks sharing the common container system and capacity. The unladen weight of the hook trailer is higher than conventional cargo trailers even though weight is minimised though the use of Hardox materials in the high stress areas. Great for clients requiring the advantages of a hook trailer to manage ground demount containers on a commercial scale. A hook system of superior dependability and durability for the toughest conditions. Innovative and creative design evolved from experience this hooklift model is tried, tested and trusted to deliver.
Hook System Specification  
  • 18 tonne hook lift capacity.
  • Full commercial running gear.
  • Accepts CHEM Type 20 (5800 - 6500mm) hooklift containers.
  • Rear axle stabilisers.
  • Tilt hook lift tower.
  • 48° tipping angle.
Optional Extras Available on this Hook Trailer  
  • Air braking system with auto brake actuators.
  • Dual air/hydraulic braking system, negative action.
  • Remote electric controls.
  • Toolbox.
  • Rear drawbar and services.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic supply to the hook tower.