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22 Tonne HookLift Trailer

Stronga have raised the bar again with this class leading, longer, higher capacity hook trailer developed following demands from customers in France, Germany, Scandinavia and Switzerland for longer, higher output, high speed hook trailers.

The HL260TXL is a completely new model, built from the ground up while retaining all the best features of the highly popular HL250T. The new HL260TXL delivers powerful benefits, carrying longer containers with more space for payload while the increased 26 tonne capacity helps maximise transport efficiency; reducing fuel costs, maintenance costs and operator hours.
Utilise Longer Containers  

One metre longer than our previous largest HookLoada, for optimum performance is best matched with containers 7.2 metres long but is easily capable of carrying containers up to 7.5 metres long or as short as 5.7 metres.

XL Benefits:

  • 14% longer - 14% extra m³ capacity
  • Lower centre of gravity compared to smaller trailer with equivalent capacity.
  • Lower pickup angle
  • More efficient every load, every day
  • What the European market has been demanding

Increased Capacity  
HL260TXL Hook Lift Trailer can capably move 26 tonnes

The increased 26 tonne capacity helps maximise transport efficiency; reducing fuel costs, maintenance costs and operator hours.

XL Benefits:

  • Extra tonne of payload
  • More efficient
  • Reduced cost per tonne transported

Faster Cycle Times  
HL260TXL hook lift trailer features a 30% larger and faster pump

Reducing time spent tipping and exchanging containers is an important factor in increasing efficiency of hook lift operations. The new model has an upgraded high capacity PTO pump with 30% increased capacity leading to 30% faster cycle times (loading, unloading and tipping).

XL Benefits:

  • More efficient
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Faster container exchange (loading/unloading)

Improved Manoeuvrability  
Steering axle from ADR is brand new design

A completely new steering axle from ADR has been integrated with a narrower and deeper chassis providing an improved steering angle for a more manoeuvrable trailer and a larger, more powerful steering cylinder, handling large modern radial trailer tyres with ease.

XL Benefits:

  • Capable of working in smaller yards and tight spaces
  • Reducing tyre scrub - reducing tyre costs
  • Option of front and rear positive steer axles, ultimate manoeuvrability

Stronger and Lighter  
intelligent use of hardox and weldox minimises tare weight and maximises service life of the trailer

Tare weight has been minimised while strength and service life maximised through increased use of Weldox and Hardox high strength steel in key areas of the trailer structure bringing improved efficiency through increased payload leading to lower tractor hours, less fuel, less wear and tear, lowering overall costs per tonne payload transported.

Remote Control Operation  
Wireless remote control improves ease of operation

Wireless remote control allows users to operate all trailer functions safely anywhere around the trailer. The user can ensure no-one is in harms way allowing them to make the best choice of positioning for optimum visibility when loading and unloading.

HL260TXL Specification  
Hook TowerTelescopic
Min Draft Requirement140kW (190PS)
Max Gross Weight32 000kg @ 40km/h
Max Hooking Load (Standard wheels and tyres)26 000kg
Max Tipping Load27 000kg
Drawbar Load4000kg
Number of Axles 3
Brake Size420 x 180
Standard Wheels560/60 R22.5
Sprung Suspension Capacity36 000kg
Tare Weightca. 7200kg
Tipping Angle50°
Hitch Height470 - 510 - 550mm
Container Length5600mm - 7500mm
Hook Height1570mm
Hook Stroke1200mm
Roller Height (Standard wheels and tyres)1182mm
Total Length8395mm
Length from Tower to Rear Roller6100mm
Max Width (Standard wheels and tyres)2550mm
Light System12v

HL260TXL Video