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Core Values in Hook lift Trailer Design  
At the heart of Stronga is a specialist design team with a passion to produce world class machines that bring greater working efficiency to our customers. In line with our core values, quality starts in the design of the machines.
We care about what we do and take pride in our products, paying great attention to detail in our innovative designs in producing quality and high performance hook lift and agricultural trailers at affordable prices.

Hooklift Trailer Design

Our motivation is the passion to remain technical leaders in the field and see the agricultural and commercial trailers built by us working hard year on year across Europe and beyond.
All of our products are designed by our highly skilled, dedicated design team of experienced designers using the latest 3D design software technology coupled with a really practical hands on approach though years of working in the field with operators, adapting every detail of the hook trailer equipment, focusing on the dynamic strength and durability , lightness and ease of operation.
Another aspect of what we do is the constant communication with the production team throughout the whole build process especially on tailor made units where the specific requirements of the ground demountable equipment are paramount

Hooklift Trailer Design

Adapt trailer design quickly  
As premier constructors of hook lift trailers and equipment our models are constantly evolving with help, goodwill and feedback of our customers who are vital to our future, working as partners, together as one with our customers. We can adapt existing designs quickly to suit a particular customers needs.
Adaptations and refinements are made to the hook equipment in an operator lead design approach in the wide variety of markets and operating conditions.
We believe in the principle and efficiencies ground demountable hook lift equipment brings to our customers, we love to see photos and videos sent in by our customers of our hook trailers working.
Design Features on our agricultural and hook trailers  
The loading height of all our hook lift trailers is kept as low as possible to optimise stability during operation and minimise the loading angle of containers, this achieved by a purpose built fully integrated hooklift chassis design for both tilt and telescopic hook equipment.
Stress points  
Finite Element Analysis and stress software together with experience and extensive field testing allows us to reinforce the mission critical areas using high strength steel for optimal performance and lightness that translates into increased payloads and operating efficiencies for our customers.
Quality components and partners  
Quality is what is what is left when the price has been forgotten as the saying goes, we work with world class suppliers offering only the best quality components in our hooklift trailers.

Quality Equipment

Our Supply Partners  
We enjoy a really close working relationship with our component partners and value there expertise and technical knowledge and system solutions. It is a always a good idea to invest in quality equipment.
Hooklift trailer Chassis and Hydraulics  
Working with several global steel suppliers including SSAB Swedish steel allows us to add the value of high strength steel to our hook lift chassis giving great tensional and dynamic strength and durability on the toughest conditions while giving greater performance in a lighter plate to optimise the hooklift trailer payloads. |

Hydraulic components and fittings are sourced from a variety of manufactures of high-quality products, engineered and manufactured to order matched to the chassis operational needs
Stronga Sprung drawbars are multiposition and matched to the tractors specification with our partners at Scharmueller
Scharmuller offer the latest hitch technology, durable and robust allowing higher road speeds
Trailer Axles and Suspensions  

Trailer Axles and Suspensions

Working well within design limits we are assisted by our partners at BPW and ADR in all aspects of axle and brake design working with their dynamic suspension solutions to fit our hard working hooklift and agricultural trailers with the latest technically advanced undercarriages including air and hydraulic systems

Trailer Axles and Suspensions

An example of further customer choice are Steering axles and control systems improving trailer manoeuvrability and reduced tyre wear providing savings to our customers

Trailer Axles and Suspensions

Trailer Braking Systems  
Our partners at WABCO Vehicle Control Systems are a leading supplier of safety and control systems for commercial and agricultural vehicles.
WABCO has pioneered breakthrough electronic, mechanical and mechatronic technologies for braking, stability and automation systems supplied to the world's leading agricultural trailer manufacturers.
Stronga work together to install brake load sensing and technically advanced braking systems
For More information visit - |

Trailer Braking System

Trailer Braking System

Trailer Lighting Systems  
We use the latest sealed loom wiring technology together with the latest LED vehicle light fittings to ensure years of trouble free service.

Trailer Lighting System

Working with Aspoeck lighting systems and other quality suppliers allows us to pass on the art of lighting technology to our customer, ensuring years of reliable service from the Hookloada lighting systems.
All the systems we use are fully commercial in line with the latest innovations in lighting.
The electric connection to the tractor is a removable electric coil for convenience.

Surface technology  
Steel extrusions are shot blasted and primed prior to fabrication to remove mill scale and ensure a good surface for paint adhesion.

Surface technology

Stronga shot blast all the steel components of the chassis prior to commencing surface finishing We continue to invest in the latest and best surface treatment and paint technology working with our partners at Tikkurila to provide the best quality industrial coating to the hook lift equipment.
Agricultural trailer tyre technology  
We work with all the major tyre companies to supply our customer with trailers mounted on the latest radial tyre technology to suit the individual requirements of the operation, here at Stronga we understand the Specialist needs of hook lift trailer tyres.
For more technical information tyre choices see here.
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Agricultural Trailer Tyre

Lean Manufacturing  
Inspired by the six sigma and Toyota way, by minimising waste we seek to deliver value to our customers for individually constructed agricultural hooklift trailers meeting the highest quality specifications and various hook equipment standards across Europe including AFNOR,DIN and CHEM.

Lean Manufacturing