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customer experience

Please see below some of our customerís experiences before, during and after purchasing a hook trailer from Stronga.

Planned Approach to Transport Requirements  
Innovative Stronga hook trailer systems are proving popular in a variety of diverse operations seeking to reduce transport costs. By taking fresh look at transport with a planned approach, customers can make both capital and operational savings. Contactors particularly find the multipurpose nature of the hook trailer system an advantage in transport .

Stronga Hook Trailers verses Single Purpose Trailers  
Customers running Hook trailers and multiple containers have made significant cost savings by reducing capital costs in the number of tractors and trailers required during harvest but also in operations outside the harvest period handling flats, tankers and spreaders. Operating costs can be better managed in terms of cutting fuel bills, maintenance costs and labour requirements per tonne of crop processed.

* KWR PLANT, Unimog with 16 tonne triaxle Stronga Hooklift Trailer  
kvrplant Hook Trailer Becomes the Root of the Business
16 tonne triaxle trailer

Meeting the demanding needs of customers is a challenge facing all businesses. Lincolnshireís KWR Plant explain how they have coped with the help of a Stronga 16 tonne hook trailer.
Grantham based KWR Plant pride themselves in being able to exceed their customers expectations by using the latest and most efficient machines available to them. Kevin Russell explains how the Stronga Hook System has helped continue to magnify customer satisfaction.
Stronga adapted the Hook System to my requirements  
"Running a Unimog is a slightly more specialist operation than a tractor because of the speed and drawbar requirements so I needed a specialist hook trailer to match. When I approached Stronga for a Hook trailer their technical team went straight to work to ensure the drawbar forces were ideal for my Unimog. I had spoken to other companies but they just werenít interested in helping me and just wanted to sell a standard trailer."
"The speed of the Unimog also caused problems for other manufacturers, their running gear and suspension systems clearly wouldnít have kept up. The Stronga Hook trailer came on commercial steering axles with high-speed tyres, air brakes, load sensing and EBS, and with the VOSA pack option it made it ideal for everyday road use. Also the build quality was far superior to any other trailers I had seen which made it clear the trailer was going to last and the commercial gear meant it would be easy to maintain and spares be readily available."
Right Hook lift Containers for the Job  
With a plant hire business, specialising in forestry and demolition work, KWR has to be able to offer the best equipment that is right for the job. "In the winter when on the forestry work, I need log trailers, low sided containers for roots and bulk bins for the woodchip. The flexibility of the Hook Trailer allows us to be far more competitive when competing for jobs as I can take the right container for the job. If I turned up for a woodchip job with a 20 cubic yard standard trailer the customer would think I was wasting their time, and the same if needed to move logs."

Reduced Waiting Time using the Hooklift Trailer  
In the summer when the forestry work quietens down we then have demolition and groundwork jobs which require completely different gear. The hook lift bulk bins are changed for heavy-duty low-sided containers to transport rubble and deliver crushed concrete, another job which the standard trailer couldnít manage. The Stronga Hooklift trailer is ideal because I can leave containers on site then just pick them up when their ready, reducing costly waiting time.
On the whole, the Stronga 16 tonne Hook Trailer has been a worthwhile investment allowing us to economically meet the needs of all our customers. The initial purchase seemed expensive to start with, but once purchased its work load and number of uses has just kept growing and growing.

* A.T. Bone & Sons comment on how they use the Stronga Hook Trailer  
Hook System Brings Haulage Home  

Being in control of your business operations is fundamental to its success. The Stronga Hook Lift trailer has given AT Bone the power to bring more transport operations in-house, giving greater self-sufficiency and reducing costs...
Amenity services company, AT Bone of Hertfordshire, aim to give their customers a high quality and reliable service by using the most up to date and efficient machinery. The Stronga Hook trailer ticked all these boxes and soon found its way into their armoury of machinery fitting hand-in-hand with a whole range of applications.

Fast Response using Hooklift Trailers  
With the aim to achieve greater transport self-sufficiency, the Hook Trailer has been a valuable asset to their haulage division helping to lower costs and faster response times. With the Hook Trailer behind a Fastrac the high-speed trailer can almost keep up with the lorries on the roads, then when on site is able to trailer straight across the fields.
The transport possibilities are far greater than a standard lorry, with the options for low-loader type transport, specialised equipment transport, low volume hooklift bins for sand or soil, water and diesel bowsers or ISO storage containers mounted on six metre CHEM chassis. The Hook lift trailer has given them their own low cost transport solution and put them firmly back in control of haulage.
Reduced Costs using the hook lift trailer  
A typical day for the Hook Lift trailer might be delivering a 13t digger to site on a flatbed, then collecting materials like sand or compost direct from source to save costs, the container off on site (leaving the load inside the container to reduce wastage). Then replacing bins that have been filled in the morning on site-clearance jobs and taking the waste straight to disposal sites. In the meantime, while the Hook lift trailer is on the road, people can be working away hard at a number of sites refilling containers.
Loading Ramps on the Hook Lift Chassis  
AT Bone have further maximised the flexibility of their Hook trailer by adding their own mobile ramps to the trailer so they are always at hand to load small machines into the back of any flatbed or high sided container. When top dressing or over seeding playing fields, the small field tractor and equipment can be driven onto the flatbed, along with the pallets of seeds or fertiliser bags. The whole lot can then be dropped off and moved round to different fields to reduce travelling times.
Heavy Use, Hook-lift Trailer  
A dedicated Hook trailer driver is able to service a huge number of sites during a day, far more than they could with normal single purpose trailers. Running one highly specified trailer on commercial axles, purposely designed for year round heavy use with minimal maintenance is much more straightforward than trying to juggle keeping a dozen trailers busy and road worthy.

* Reviva Composting Ltd comment on why they chose a Stronga Hook Lift Trailer  
Hook Trailers, Not A Waste Of Time  
A cost efficient high performance transport solution was the scope for Hertfordshire based Reviva Compostingís latest project. The Stronga HookLoada didnít fail to deliver...
Green waste recycling centre Reviva Composting, provide a disposal service for landscape gardeners and process and compost the waste in Elstree, Herts. Organic growth has seen the small on-farm concern, develop into a professional commercial operation.
The green waste is delivered to the site, processed and composted to produce a fine soil conditioner, which is then supplied back to the local landscapers. With fuel costs spiralling, demand was growing for site collection and bulk deliveries, an efficient transport solution was needed, Nick Scrivener explains:
"We were looking to offer a new collection and delivery service to our customers, but when we looked at the cost of running a lorry with operators licence, it just didnít seem viable."
High Specification  
"It was then that we considered a tractor drawn hooklift system and contacted Stronga. A demonstration day was arranged and we were very impressed with its streamline performance. I had seen other companies selling hooklift systems but none of them companies selling hooklift systems but none of them looked beefy enough or had such a high specification as the Stronga HookLoada."
Reviva purchased a 16ton trailer and a number of bulk containers and began dropping containers at landscaper's yards. Once the container was full it would be replaced, delivering a load of compost at the same time. "It was so simple to set up and run" said Nick.
Convinced about the Hook Trailer Concept  
"With a high speed trailer complying with agricultural road regulations, it's output was equal to that of a lorry, but without the hassle. The air braked trailer came with sprung suspension, sprung drawbar, S-cam axles and load sensing all as standard, it was that attention to detail that convinced me it was the right trailer for the job."
"The Stronga team did a first class job guiding us through the buying process, right from promptly arranging a demo, specifying the right trailer and options, then finally commissioning the trailer with a personalised on-site training day for the operators. It really was an enjoyable process."
Flexible Hook Lift Equipment  
As well as the HookLoada's high-speed specification, it still has tremendous off-road capabilities, Reviva have found added benefits from this flexible combination. "When the green waste season quietens down, there is still plenty of use for the trailer much carting to the fields and on any farm constructions jobs. The heavy duty spring set and hydraulic axle stabilisers make it ideal for taking off-road." "Having had the Hook trailer for 8 months, we now wonder how we ever managed without it."
* Steve Whitby, Whitby Partnership  
Harvest made a breeze with Strong Hook Trailer

Hook Trailer

Harvest is often a race against the weather, Steve Whitby explains how the Stronga HookLoada has helped maximise productivity on their 600-acre farm in Slough.
Traditional farming methods have been left behind in almost all large-scale farm operations and transportation is no different. The Stronga HookLoada has revolutionised transport methods on farms and is replacing many old, traditional and often unsafe single use farm trailers.
"It's just like having a tractor and changing between a plough, drill or rollers, you don't have a separate tractor for each application. It makes sense to run one trailer which is flexible enough to change from grain carting to bale hauling to moving plant."
Hook Trailer All Year Round  
"The HookLoada is now our primary trailer so I only have to concentrate on keeping one set of running gear road worthy. Also I'm not having to leave expensive trailer just sitting in the yard while they're out of season, the HookLoada just doesn't stop all year round."
When it comes to harvest time the HookLoada is able to perform almost all transport operations single handedly, Steve shares his experience; "When we're grain carting we can drop a couple of grain containers in the field then use the HookLoada to run the bins back to the yard. A unique baffle system stops the grain from sliding when the bins are being hooked up."
Improved Safety  
Bale carting has been made a simple and smooth process with the use of 27ft bale trays, which are loaded at ground level, saving loading time and improving safety. "Our 5 bale trailers have been replaced with hooklift trays, the loader can be driven on the back and with a bit of practice we can slide the bales straight off at the stack, itís far more efficient that traditional methods."
Once harvest is complete the HookLoada 'sheds its skin' and picks up a body for a new application. "Within 2 minutes you can be ready to tackle a completely new job, changing bodies is done without even having to leave the cab which makes it safer and faster."

* What J Porter & Co said about their Stronga Hook Trailer purchase  

Hook Trailer System

22 Tonne Stronga HookLift Trailer Reduces Costs and Time  
Reducing both time and costs for transportation is critical for all farmers, including J Porter & Co farm 523 acres in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. With 350 acres of cereals, 100 acres of maize and 70 acres of grazing, their 4 staff are kept busy during the summer whilst turning their hands to the construction side in the winter. "My staff spend a lot of their day on the road, which I often consider to be dead time. Finding a way to maximise the output of both my machinery and staff has been a key concern." James began o think about a hook lift trailer system when demand for his construction services grew and his current single use farm dump trailers couldn't keep up with the work. Facing the prospect of having to purchase an extra tractor, dump trailer and driver, James turned to Stronga for a solution.
Worries about Investing in a Hook Trailer  
"I had some worries about spending a lot of money on new tackle, which I might not of had work for all year round. I had seen Strongaís HookLoada hooklift system and was impressed with its potential. I could leave a container at a building site to be filled, without having to tie up a driver all day, and the container cost less than a third of the price of a dump trailer. Plus I could use the Hook Lift trailer for all my farm applications too, I could really begin to see the numbers stacking up."
Customised Hook Trailer Package with Hook lift Containers  
After a consultation with Stronga a customised package was put together to incorporate all the applications James had in mind. A HookLoada HL200 triaxle hook lift trailer , three grain containers, a plant carrier with bale extension, two heavy-duty 15m³, 20m³ containers and a 35m³ bulk container set Porters up to tackle a wide range of work.
"Stronga's package was well designed, strongly built, tremendously flexible and competitively priced. On delivery of my HL 200, a member of the Stronga service team arrived the next day and gave free onsite training and maintenance advice to all my staff. It's service like that that gives me confidence."
Increased Output from operating a large Hook lift Trailer  
Flexibility is crucial, says James, particularly when such a varied bag of work is on offer. "Often, single use equipment such as our bale trailers, low loader, silage trailers and dump trailers sit in the yard unused for 9 months of the year. Whereas the advantage of the Hook lift trailer is that it is all these machines in one, it has significantly increased output."
Since using the Stronga Hook lift trailer, J Porter & Co have really benefited from the trailers output. "Once we had the hooklift trailer and could offer bins to our building customers, the business just grew. The time saving of not having to wait for filling has been invaluable to us."
Self-Financing Hook Trailer  
The output of the HL200 has exceeded even James' high expectations. "I am in a position now where I am thinking of selling one tractor and all my traditional single use trailers which would make my HookLoada system self-financing. It really has proved itself."
* Other reviews  
Hook trailer an efficient concept
  • Very good concept and works well.
  • I think every farm should have one, you could also spread slurry, haul grain, potatoes, half pipe dumper body, flat deck all the jobs on the farm from one unit.

Running Stronga 16 tonne Hook trailers
  • I run three Stronga 16 tonners and they seem well built trailers.
  • We use 3 x 15 tonne bulk boxes and 3 x heavy flats with bale extensions.