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Welcome to STRONGA Limited - Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Company 
Hook Lift Trailers

Stronga are specialist manufacturers of premium level Hooklift solutions with a reputation for supplying tough, high performance hook equipment for the professional operator including the Hookloada range of Hook trailers from 10 to 25 tonnes lift capacity.
Thanks to many years of experience in the manufacture and use of Hook lift trailers Stronga have produced a very strong stable and durable hook system in use across Europe and beyond, working in a vast range of applications and industries.
We are passionate about transport efficiency and flexibility using ground demountable and module systems that reduce transport costs for our customers.
We continue to develop hook equipment in a customer focussed, design led approach offering reduced weight, robust systems renowned for reliability, excellence of design and build quality.
Our hook trailers offer superior dependability on and off road and can be specified with options tailored to your requirements.
It's all about efficiency, so contact our friendly, technical staff today and we can help you plan the right solution matched to your operational needs and let us assist you in reducing labour, fuel, time and maintenance costs as well as bringing more flexibility to your business.